Indian Idol

Indian Idol, an Indian modification of the popular US reality show American Idol and UK’s Pop Idol, is a platform for the budding singers of the nation to showcase their singing talents.

So far, this show has seen two seasons, and very soon Sony Entertainment Television would be coming up with season three of the show.

The judges are hired by the sponsoring channel, and are big shots in the music and entertainment fraternity. They hold auditions at nooks and corners of India and select people according to their singing talents.

After the first round the chosen contestants go through three other rounds.
The second round is Theatre Round that is held in Mumbai. The contestants perform one song in front of the panel of judges. Best 28 out of all the performers are short listed.
The third round is the Piano Round. In this round, the 28 contestants are split into four groups, each group consisting of seven contestants. A total of twelve contestants are short listed after this round.

The final round is the Gala Round. In this round, one contestant is eliminated each week according to viewer voting system.

Audition of Indian Idol has seen two idols by this process, first one being Abhijeet Sawant and the second being Sandeep Acharya.

Indian Idol season one was by far a bigger success than Indian Idol seasons two.
Indian Idol was started to give the budding and unrecognized singers of India a broader platform where they can show their talent to a global audience and gain world wide fame and acclaim. But to the dismay of the channel and producers, Indian Idol contestants and even the winners are not doing well in their singing careers.

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